Air-Dropped Supplies
As commanding officer, you have the ability to call-in air-dropped supplies to any designated location on the map, as long as the LZ is within army visibility. Soldiers and manned vehicles nearby the package will receive medical treatment, repairs and ammo replenishments automatically. This power will be available again as soon as the planes finish refueling.

EMP Strike
The EMP strike is a short wave of electromagnetic pulse sent from friendly satellites, capable of temporarily disabling machinery that involves any form of electronic devices - making them especially vulnerable to damage. EMP strikes also interrupt infantry equiptments within target proximity, temporarily reducing their accuracy.This support power is only available when the EMP Strike uplink device on ground remains undamaged.

Sat-Track Support
Using satellite technology, it will perform one clean-sweep of the battlefield, temporarily highlighting all enemy units on the minimap. Recharges are dependant on the Sat-Track uplink device located on ground, thus it is important to defend it from enemy reach.

UAV Support
Using this commander support power will send in an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) to any designated location on the map and mark all enemy units within its searching radius. As long as this fragile device isn't suffering damage from anti-air defences, it will remain functional on the battlefield until it returns to base for refuel. This support power is only available when the UAV uplink device on ground remains undamaged.

Orbital Strike
One of the most devastating commander supports in 2142. Once a target location is selected, the approximate area will receive non-stop artillery bombardments for ~10 seconds. Recharges are dependant on the Orbital Strike uplink device located on ground, thus it is important to defend it from enemy reach.

PAC SPECIFIC: Type-36 Hachimoto Reinforcement
This support power, available to only PAC commanders, calls for 2 lightweight Type-36 Hachimotos and a squad of infantry as reinforcements. These anti-infantry vehicles are best suited for flanking, infiltration and scouting operations due to their high manuverability. When deployed appropriately, these vehicles could help the PAC secure primary objectives with no chance for enemies to retaliate.

PAC SPECIFIC: Commando Reinforcemnt
The math of this war is simple - some will live, most will die. Not much is known about these men clad in white, besides the fact that all of them are PAC's absolute elite, hand-picked to be part of the Commandos.
Details: Commandos are considered sniper class; Invisibility camo and RDX demo packs available.
Traits: Specialization in demolitions and infiltration ops; Active-camo; Can be deployed from barracks.


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