EU MK-1 Titan
- strong, defensive shield
- fast-cooling anti-air torrents
- rapid-firing air-to-ground cannons
- highly defensible headuarters


Titan Warships explained
The Titan is a heavily armored warship protected by a strong, defensive shield. Equipted with fast-cooling anti-air torrents and devastating, rapid-firing air-to-ground cannons, the Titan warships command the skies and provide highly defensible headuarters for each side's Commander.

The only way to drop the Titan shield is with the BLOC-3 Anti-Titan missile system. A number of these silos have been deployed across the battlefield. By controlling these missile silos, the garrisoned forces can autometically launch anti-titan missiles at the approaching enemy titan. Once the missile silo is captured, the system is completely automated, and will launch the missiles at regular intervals. As their Titan shield takes damage, the Battlehub will update autometically, keeping allies constantly aware of their shield status. The more missile silos you control, the faster you can drop their shield - once their shield is dropped, the missiles will continue to deal damage to the titan, eventually destroying it. However, there is a faster way to destroy the Titan.

Once the Titan shield has been neutralised, the opposing forces can board the enemy Titan. The easiest method of boarding is with the Air Transport vehicle, however, the APC equipted with launch pods will also tranport forces onth the Titan. Once onboard, the troops must destroy the heavily shielded reactor core. To access the core, they must first destroy four control consoles, which can be done by either their primary weapon or explosives. Once the Titan core is destroyed, the troops onboard will have a few seconds to abandon the Titan before it finally explodes.

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