Directional Armour improvement
This upgrade will significantly improve the armour of tanks and APCs on the battlefield. The re-engineered framework that brings about major increase in protection - with a small sacrifice in speed, will guarantee said vehicles to survive longer on the battlefield.

Firepower improvement
This upgrade will help improve the vehicles' firepower amd splash damage radius - though it also means a slightly lower rate of fire to prevent overheating. Note that with this improvement applied, vehicles are still subjected to weaknesses, but will certainly be more efficient when carrying out their primary operations. Available for all tanks, APCs, FAVs and walkers.

Active Defense Countermeasure
"Active Defense Countermeasure" is one of the major scientific breakthroughs in military history till the year of 2142. This rechargable countermeasure repells any incoming missiles by detonating it upon impact with the electrometically charged "shield". Unfortunately, Active Defense is not sensitive enough to filter out bullets, and can be used by APCs, air transports, gunships, tanks and walkers.

This upgrade is carried out by adding an afterburner fuel injector to any compatible light vehicles, FAVs and walkers. This technology is designed primarily to aid infiltrations, and effective break-aways from enemy flanks. However, the afterburner fuel is limited, therefore it should only be activated when absolutely necessary.

APC Missile turret
By default, each APC is equipted with a minigun turrent, as well as reloadable EMP missiles for disabling enemy vehicles and structures. Even so, APCs often become sitting targets in open landscapes due to their size and underpowered turret. To overcome this issue, this upgrade can be purchased to equipt all APCs with a second turret, which fires up to four unguided missiles at a time - very effective against infantry squads and various land vehicles.

Gunship TV Missile turret
While gunships already carry some of the most advanced weaponry by default, they're often ineffective against infantry due to their primary payload. This upgrade allows gunships to equipt a minigun turret - effective against infantry, as well as one TV missile payload controllable by a second crew within the VTOL. With this upgrade, gunships will be more lethal than ever.


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